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Making your client or business happy is our mission, which is as important as keeping our readers satisfied with our content.

We are actively looking for Advertisement and Sponsorship

We offer month-to-month or package deal for advertisements. Package deals offers are available for 3 months to 1 year contracts. Our rates are very competitive compared to other finance blogs.

We are looking for sponsors and advertisers interested in promoting financial products, products that can save money or products that can give high return on investments for our readers.

Banner ads besides our header Logo, Banner ads on side bar, Banner ads at the end of each posts. We do offer banners as ‘home page only’ and ‘site wide’.

Text add on side bar under a header “Blog Sponsors”, which will be placed below social media icons and above all other existing side bar items. Text ads on footer and text ads below posts.

We also offer Sponsored posts with no more than 2 links to sponsors. You may send your own post or ask us to write for you

Sponsoring Review

By sponsoring a review or giveaway you will get one post highlighting your company or your product/service. Sponsoring a review will require that a free non returnable sample or free registration opportunity(whichever applicable) will be made available to this blog. There is no guarantee that the review will be positive and support the success of your business. All reviews will be neutral and personal opinion of the reviewer.

Sponsoring Giveaway

You can sponsor giveaways on this blog for the readers. A non refundable/non returnable goods/service/payment of monetary value of  minimum $50 will be accepted towards giveaway sponsorship, please contact for additional details.

Payment Terms

Payment is only accepted through PayPal. Discounts will be given for prepaid contracts of more than 6 months.

For more information and rates, please e-mail us at Thanks for your consideration and partnership! We are looking forward to serve your need.

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