CPI Inflation Calculator Review

What is CPI

A consumer price index (CPI) measures changes in the price level of a market basket of consumer goods and services purchased by households. The CPI is a statistical estimate constructed using the prices of a sample of representative items whose prices are collected periodically.

National CPI data are released each month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) within two weeks of the month end. So, for example, CPI for January is available in mid-February.

What is CPI Inflation Calculator

The CPI Inflation Calculator extracts the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The All-Items CPI, used by this calculator to calculate inflation rates in the United States, was last updated on June 16th 2015 for the month of May 2015.

How to Use The CPI Inflation Calculator?

Enter a dollar amount in the “cost” field, then select the years that you would like to compare. The years must be between 1913 and 2014, and the dollar amount must be between $1 to $10,000,000. For example, if you would like to know the difference between the value of $100 in 2015 versus $100 in 1995, type 100 in the “costing” field, type 1995 in the first year field, and 2015 in the second one. When you click on “Calculate”, it will display the result and a chart.


How Does This Calculator Work Exactly?

As mentioned above, this inflation calculator uses the CPI (Consumer Price Index) rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rates are available from 1913 to 2014. New rates are published every month on the BLS website and are available publicly. Our calculator’s script extracts the rates for the selected dates and instantly calculates the result.


What is The Link Between CPI and Inflation?

The CPI is used by government agencies, banks and different entities to measure the effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policy, and to determine when that policy needs to be adjusted. The CPI basically correlates with purchasing power. When you hear the terms ‘in today’s dollars,’ or ‘adjusted for inflation,’ the values discussed have been adjusted by using the CPI in order to reflect true purchasing power, or the amount a dollar will buy, at different times in history.

 How CPI is Used

As an economic indicator: The CPI is the most widely used measure of inflation and is sometimes viewed as an indicator of the effectiveness of government economic policy. It provides information about price changes in the nation’s economy to government, business, labor, and other private citizens, and is used by them as a guide to making economic decisions. In addition, the President, Congress, and the Federal Reserve Board use trends in the CPI to aid in formulating fiscal and monetary policies.

As a deflator of other economic series: The CPI and its components are used to adjust other economic series for price changes and to translate these series into inflation-free dollars. Examples of series adjusted by the CPI include retail sales, hourly and weekly earnings, and components of the national income and product accounts. An interesting example of this is the use of the CPI as a deflator of the value of the consumer’s dollar to find its purchasing power. The purchasing power of the consumer’s dollar measures the change in the value to the consumer of goods and services that a dollar will buy at different dates. In other words, as prices increase, the purchasing power of the consumer’s dollar declines.

As a means of adjusting dollar values: The CPI is often used to adjust consumers’ income payments, (for example, Social Security); to adjust income eligibility levels for government assistance; and to automatically provide cost-of-living wage adjustments to millions of American workers. The CPI affects the income of about 80 million persons as a result of statutory action: 48.4 million Social Security beneficiaries, about 19.8 million food stamp recipients, and about 4.2 million military and federal Civil Service retirees and survivors. Changes in the CPI also affect the cost of lunches for 26.5 million children who eat lunch at school, while collective bargaining agreements that tie wages to the CPI cover over 2 million workers. Another example of how dollar values may be adjusted is the use of the CPI to adjust the federal income tax structure. These adjustments prevent inflation-induced increases in tax rates, an effect called “bracket creep”.


What is new in CPI Calculation

Effective with the release of the January 2015 CPI on February 26, 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will utilize a new estimation system for the Consumer Price Index. The new estimation system, the first major improvement to the existing system in over 25 years, is a redesigned, state-of-the-art system with improved flexibility and review capabilities. For more information on this new system, please see http://www.bls.gov/cpi/cpinewest.htm.

Readers should make use of the free inflation calculator to understand their purchasing power. Employer can use this to calculate average increment for their employees. Producers can calculate the ideal price increase of their products. Their are so many good uses of this calculator.

Tips For Expats Renting Apartments in Chennai

India is a very developing country. Our country is growing every day. And not just in any particular field, but the country is growing uniformly all over. Every field in our country is witnessing growth.

People in our country are so educated and civilized these days. The importance of education has been spreading very fast in our country. People have become more competitive and career oriented, and they aspire to make a good lifestyle for them.

Chennai is one such city of our country. People are here are so well educated and passionate about their lives. Their civilized behavior is really appreciable.

Residents of the city are very talented, and most of them go all out to find their success. This is one reason, why a lot of people from this city move to nations abroad for making a career. It’s not that India cannot give people good future, but there are some fields which require you to travel and explore the world.

This article is dedicated to those free souls who go where their fate takes them. We here, are going to help the expats of our country who have moved to other countries, and are wishing to sell off their property here.

If you are a person who is living in another country and you want to give your 1 BHK for rent in Chennai, because you are not occupying that apartment, then this article will definitely help you.

There are so many people who work in foreign countries. Most of them are sent or transferred to branches abroad as a promotion. While, a lot of people move there for many other reasons. A lot of such people have properties here in the city. While they are out making their lives better, they do not occupy their apartments. So what would be a smart decision in such a case? Obviously, one should put it one rent. Nothing is worse that a locked barren apartments. It’s always good if your property can help someone make a living.

But expats find it very difficult to find a tenant for their property while they are out in some other country. Of course, not being somewhere physically sure creates a little inconvenience.

But the tips we mention below will help you rent out your apartment without having much difficulty. Read on,

  • Firstly, hire a caretaker- always assure that there is someone taking care of your property and it is not abandoned and left alone for trespassing.
  • Put an ad on the internet- if you want to offer a 1 BHK for rent in Chennai, then you can very conveniently put an ad on the housing websites, and potential tenants will contact you.
  • Assign a trustworthy middle man- be rest assured that the person you are coordinating through is trustable and close to you.
  • Skype or video chat- whoever you decide to keep as your tenant, talk with them over a video chat so you are sure as to who is going to be your tenant. Also, make sure you keep the paper work very clear and have a fixed trustworthy lawyer for all this work.


So these were some smart tips that we had that you could follow for easily renting out your house while you are out. Just make sure you are very attentive and cautious and everything else should be fine we say.


The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Debt

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, it’s no wonder that so many Americans live with debt. With the rising costs of college tuition, medical bills, and rent/real estate, getting into serious debt can sometimes seem unavoidable. Without the means to pay our own way, more and more Americans are relying on major loans to make ends meet. Buried under the weight of such debts, it can be easy to forget that there can be a way out.

While any financial advisor will suggest following a careful budget, it’s easier said than done when you’re only making minimum wage or you’re hit with massive unexpected bills. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, if you don’t have significant savings to act as a safety net, your weekly finances won’t cover all that life throws at you. A huge flood in your basement demands immediate restoration, even when you have little funds to cover the cost. When the vehicle you rely on to get to and from work breaks down, you have to pay for its repair right away if you want to keep earning money!

But remember, borrowing money to afford these sudden expenses isn’t a sign of failure — if you do it right. Assessing your debts and making educated and healthy decisions about future loan opportunities can keep you financially fit. Avoiding credit cards that have huge credit limits is essential, as these accounts act as an enticing source of seemingly limitless funds. It’s easy to use them to cover small purchases every day until you end up owing more than you ever intended. When the average no-fee credit card has an APR of 19.99 percent (far higher than those rates attached to mortgages, student loans, and personal loans), interest rates add dollar after dollar with every new bill cycle. If you don’t pay off the debt immediately after accruing it, then the interest can make you end up owing more than the initial purchase itself.

Credit card companies have created an easy trap to fall into. They set low minimum monthly payments with high spending limits. They hope that you continue to use your card to make small and large purchases while you rack up interest. Left unattended, the compounded interest starts to rival the cost of the purchases, until eventually you can’t pay off the amount owed. Minimum payments are made while you still use the card, adding more charges to the total, and soon enough you’ve spiralled into a near-irreversible cycle of debt.

While credit cards can certainly be a source of ‘bad’ debt, there are healthier alternatives. Limited loans with fair interest rates and flexible repayment schedules are crucial for anyone who wants to manage their debt and pay the bills. One positive alternative to the credit card trap is the flex-pay installment loan; this is a one-time, fixed cash advance for those who meet a few minimal requirements. On average, first time borrowers can qualify for up to $1,000. Unlike other loans (like payday advances) the flex-pay installment loan allows the borrower to negotiate a more manageable repayment schedule. Instead of paying off the debt in one lump sum at the date of your next paycheck, your repayment can be broken into different parts over a longer period of time.

Navigating flex-pay installment loans can be simple if you contact a reliable third-party lender within your state. Lenders who care about your financial health will consult with you, so that you can agree to a loan limit and repayment schedule that’s within your capabilities. Flex-Pay installment loans from MoneyKey offer a healthy alternative to other lending opportunities, so that you can pay for surprise expenses without ruining your financial profile.

4 Critical Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Hosted PBX Supplier

Once you have decided to make the move to cloud communications, it is key to make sure you choose the right supplier that provides you the capabilities with which you can meet your short-term and long-term communication goals. If you are not sure where to start, you might want to take a look at 4PSA VoipNow, OnePipe, Taridium or RingSky. Those companies tend to get good reviews and offer free expert advice most of the time.

Of course, a little planning will be worth the effort. Trust me, it’s better safe than sorry. As there are hundreds of hosted phone systems suppliers in the telecommunications market, selecting the right hosted PBX supplier can seem like an overwhelming task. To help you choose wisely, we have developed four critical questions you need to ask your potential hosted PBX supplier. Take note of the following information:

#1. How Do You Guarantee Your Quality Service?

Quality of service is perhaps the most important differentiator among virtual PBX service providers. As your communication system is fundamental to your business success you need to ensure your cloud service is backed up with a solid guarantee. For example, my cloud PBX service provider offers 99.9% uptime guarantee every month. Their plan prices depend on the number of users and they include unlimited calls, a set of high-end features and primary tech support (Click here to learn more about this).

Some cloud PBX platforms minimize downtime risk caused by natural disasters, which in turn gives you peace of mind. Make sure you can get access to your cloud phone system regardless of your geographical location and device (smartphone, tablet, desk phone and even desktop pc).

#2. Which Set of Features Do I Get?

The set of features is another element that must not be overlooked. Some cloud hosted PBX suppliers may provide sophisticated features; however, those may not be included in the plan, which means you need to pay an extra fee for the features you use. Instead, look for a provider that offers a wide array of advanced features included in the service plan such as call monitoring, click to call, remote transfer, voicemail to email, DID number per phone, and specific capabilities your business requires. Choose a provider that can offer a feature-rich phone system you can enjoy without any limits or controls.

#3. Do You Provide Expert Troubleshooting?

The point here is to know if your service provider offers technical support and how fast expert technicians will solve any issue you could have. I recommend you choose a hosted PBX company that provides 24/7 technical support from a dedicated team of experts. Choose a service supplier committed to provide a first-rate customer service- it is a crucial aspect to consider because a top-notch customer service can improve your overall experience. Additionally, you may ask if you can get installation in your area.

#4. Can I Access to my Phone System From Anywhere?

The key point here is to find out whether the experience is the same for an office-based employee and a remote worker in a foreign country or in a rural area and how the service handles people on the road. No matter if you currently do not have remote staff, you may eventually change your mind. Some providers can handle any mobile or remote phone as easily as an extension to the main office, but others cannot. Quality of the service regardless of location is vital!

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cloud hosted PBX provider. We hope we have addressed important questions that will let you know what is the best cloud PBX provider for your business. What other factors do you contemplate when choosing a hosted PBX supplier? Please, share your comments with us!

5 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Can Help Your Business Save Money

In the 80s US companies began to expand across many countries more aggressively than ever before, and after that the world economy has never been the same. Technological developments have changed business communication much faster than any of the baby boomers could have anticipated. And now, to be honest, most of us are playing catch-up every day. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, I have one word for you: VoIP.

The future of VoIP looks promising. As a recent research from Infonetics states, “worldwide growth in VoIP services revenue is expected to grow through 2018, peaking at $88 billion.” Business owners have been switching to VoIP since it is now possible to enjoy a clear and reliable connectivity that cuts on expensive calling rates. If you want to know more about this, take a look at my VoIP phone system provider. These guys have over 40 years of experience in the telecom industry.

VoIP business phone systems provide a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to, unified communications, increased responsiveness, as well as video and audio conferencing. One of the most popular VoIP advantages is undoubtedly cost-savings. “Save money on your monthly phone bills”, has been repeated several times. But, how can a VoIP phone system help your business to save money? Check this out:

Cut Your Phone Bill in Half

How does VoIP work? Basically, VoIP allows users to make phone calls through the Internet. Thus, when you switch from a traditional phone line to a cloud-based service, you are able to reduce your phone bill by 50% and sometimes even by 70%, if both parties use a VoIP line.

Save on Installation and Software

Installation does not require a wiring process, meaning that you will spend considerably less money. You will not be asked to install special software to receive phone calls. Additionally, you can make future upgrades to your system without needing to purchase a new hardware. Probably, you may have further questions about VoIP phone systems, its features or requirements. If so, I recommend contacting TelcoDepot. They provide free expert advice!

Get High-End Features For Less

Saving money on your business communications does not mean you have to sacrifice service quality or skimp on convenient features. On the contrary, your business phone system can be loaded with advanced features such as auto attendant, voicemail to email transcription and find me/ follow me. Plus, VoIP phone systems are truly scalable.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

A lower rate for international calls is only the first part of the deal. VoIP rich-features, like video conferencing, can save businesses a significant amount of time since they optimize business operations. Plus, you can save money on human resources, as your staff does not have to be attached to the office. If your team is on the move, you have the ability to communicate seamlessly from at any time.

Increase Responsiveness and Availability

Increased staff availability and improved response will have a huge impact on your clients. Remember, happy satisfied customers become loyal customers who spread the word about your business, which in the long-term results in higher revenues.

We hope this information comes in handy. Before you leave, please share your thoughts with us.

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Understanding Credit Score

Infographic: Understanding Your Credit Score
Provided by Nationwide

Franchising is an Ideal Solution for Business Owners

There are many people who want to own a business, but don’t have the resources to start from scratch. Others may prefer starting a business using an established model that works. The good news is that many franchises offer special incentives for women and veterans. The fact that these franchises offer so much for people who benefit the most from their own business is the main reason franchising is such a good opportunity.

A Cold Stone Franchise is one example of an opportunity that many people, who want their own business, decide to take advantage of. Franchises offer the benefit of established brands with experience in their respective industries. Because these are brands that many people are already very familiar with, a franchisee has a chance of great success.

One thing, which franchisees can count on, is the fact that support is available. New business owners will benefit from a team that helps them with everything from planning to their grand opening. This level of support is a relief for newcomers who might not be familiar with everything involved with the process.

Finding space is a concern, and the parent company will often help with finding real estate to built on or leasing existing space. The build-out process is also important, and corporate guidance helps ensure that this part of things goes smoothly. Corporate assistance is also used for research and development, freeing the owner from worrying about developing new products and services.

Another aspect of having a franchise is getting training, which is beneficial for newcomers to the business world. Even those with business training benefit from receiving guidance. Ongoing support is available for grand openings, as well as the hiring process. Nobody who starts a franchise ever has to go it alone to realize their dreams.

There are several traits that are helpful for anyone considering a franchise. One is having an ambition to do whatever is necessary to succeed. Starting a franchise location is demanding, but rewarding at the same time. Another important trait is dedication to the brand. Anyone can open up a franchise to make more money, but believing in the brand and what it stands for makes a difference. These traits, combined with good business or other organizational skills, make a major difference in the success of a company.

Top Debt Management Flaws

Today millions of people carry debt burden upon their shoulders. These can be house loans, credit card debt, mortgage, student loans, personal loans or some other kind of debt. Although most people make so much effort to get out of the debt trap but many of them falter on the way but it simply doesn’t mean that it’s the dead end and the trap stays permanent. One could get out of the debt jail by simply following a flawless debt management strategy. Below listed debt management mistakes can be avoided by adopting a skillful debt management strategy to tackle the debt web and make use of the debt more efficiently.

Over relying on creditor’s word

Students and professionals seem to be unaware of the existing policies regarding debt and tend to believe on what their creditors have to say. Lenders generally are in search of such kind of debtors who are not aware of the monetary policies prevailing. When you are evaluating your situation, it is advisable to do some research on your own or to seek advice from reliable alternative sources to ensure you fully understand your options and other perspectives as the loan providers have priorities different to yours.

Failing to learn about new repayment options

There seem to be changes occurring each year in the federal student loan programs. Unfortunately, borrowers are unaware of eligibility requirements and benefits of these programs and therefore, some borrowers who qualify are not actively taking advantage of these programs. Understanding the details of these and other programs is important as they can provide you significant cost savings if implemented properly.

Excessively forbearing debts

Graduates during their internship and first year of job tend to delay their repayments thinking that it’s the only option available to them. Instead they should realize that accruing interest on such non payments is not a healthy option.

Excluding oneself from tax rebates while filing tax returns

Tax returns when filed result in imposition of higher tax burdens and lack of awareness as far as the rebates on student’s loan is concerned.


  • All the debt being treated equally

Student loan borrowers often treat all of their student loans the same during repayment. Many borrowers set up a standard payment plan and use automatic debit, essentially putting repayment on cruise control until their debt is retired. The alternative to the above repayment is to implement a targeted repayment plan that lowers the interest cost of a borrower’s debt portfolio by retiring the higher interest rate loans more quickly.


  • Not opting for debt councilors

Most professional graduates neither have the time nor the resources to manage it appropriately at such a critical point in their career. Working with a trained financial professional, such as a tax accountant or financial planner familiar with student loans, is highly encouraged in order to ensure you make the appropriate financial decisions regarding student loan repayment

  • Use of emergency fund

Emergency Fund is primarily developed to manage a financial crisis. It is meant to fund an emergency. Using up emergency fund is not a wise step at all. Although you can manage the debts but it empties your fund made for an emergency.


  • Falling to the minimum payment trap

It might seem that by paying the minimum amount you are managing your debt, but the fact is that it does not help to reduce your debt burden in any way. The interests and charges keep on piling up. You must understand that by paying just the minimum payment you cannot simply get out of the debt.

  • Credit reports given no due importance

Credit reports and statements are instrumental in determining your overall debt obligations. So, if you go onto ignore your credit report and statements, you can never manage and devise a strategy for meeting your debt obligations and it will not make you any richer.


  • Credit card debt well neglected

Most of the people that have multiple debt obligations tend to neglect the credit card debts. Although it is advisable to pay off the high interest rate debt first but the amount on credit card debts keeps on piling up unnoticed. A very healthy step in that regard would be to avoid the use of credit cards by using simply cash or debit cards.


  • Inability to plan debt management

You have to be clear, precise, and accurate in your debt management. With no clear debt management action plan, you invariably end up being a loser. You suffer financial losses that could have been easily saved. One should not enter the playing arena with close eyes and proper economic planning in that regard would be highly beneficial.


  • Bad debt largely accumulated

Spending on stuff like a home theatre system or an expensive vacation trip would largely accumulate your bad debt and these unconstructive expenses would engage yourselves in debt burden. To provide relief from it one mustn’t waste the resources and utilize it to a more productive option.


  • Non budgeting

Budgeting and writing down expenses during academic life has proven to be an important way of managing the debt and it has been observed that students tend to neglect budgeting and take on things as they come which results in disastrous upcoming life. Budgeting should be stressed upon especially by the students so that their tuitions and weekends are compromised.

  • Buying while keeping future income in mind

What one would become simply doesn’t mean one should start buying and making expenses by keeping their future in one mind. It’s the present that matters and not keeping that in mind is a big debt management mistake. Buying an expensive place or car by keeping future income in mind can never be safe as if doesn’t materialize you would end up in a calamity so play safe and secure.

  • Delay in payments or simply not paying

Debt payments should be made accordingly as they become due. By avoiding or simply not paying would definitely not relax you from debt burden but it will nothing but accumulate the interest making your debt fatter than ever!

Final word:

By keeping all these flaws in mind one could effectively manage the debt and make oneself comfortable while still being in debt.


Small Business Optimism Creates Growth Opportunities

Small Business Infograph 2013-2014 , California Bank and Trust
Presented by California Bank & Trust, Business Banking

Best Global Destinations for Finance Career

Almost every city having significant urban population offers opportunities in finance. However, there are some cities that are more suitable for a job in finance owing to the clusters of financial companies that have made these cities their base.  Most of these cities are globally renowned for more than one reason. Here are the top global cities for those looking for different opportunities in finance:

The world has grown in a more livable place over the course of human civilization. However, some cities have been the pivots of this growth, always favored by the humans owing to the advantage offered by them in terms of their geographical location, weather and other natural factors. Over the years, these cities have grown into commercial hubs, attracting more and more migrants from nearby and distant places looking for an opportunity to earn their living.

Evolution has accorded these cities special status in terms of their financial prowess. Here are the four cities that offer the best opportunities for finance graduates:

Best cities to take up finance jobs in

New York, USA

New York is the ultimate dream destination for anyone looking at a stint in the field of finance. Besides its world famous bridges, skyscrapers, and parks, New York City has what is the holy grail of financial enthusiasts, the Wall Street.

Anchoring the city in Lower Manhattan, Wall Street houses the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange by total market capitalization of the listed companies.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the city is commonly regarded as the finance capital of the world. It headquarters some of the largest investment banks Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

When it comes to living standards, nothing beats New York. It has the greatest landmarks which have been photographed a zillion times. The cost of living has also increased owing to rise in rental accommodation and New York is now 8 places up, ranking 16 in the 2014 Mercer Cost of Living Rankings.

 Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan is the most populous metropolitan area in the world along with being the largest metropolitan economy globally.

The city is a vital international finance center, a home to headquarters of a number of major investment banks and insurance com