Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Review

How many of you get excited by seeing past 52 week low and high and think of buying at next low? We even calculate the hypothetical gain we would have made had we bought at the bottom and sold at the peak. Alas, that is not possible for any one. As tricky as winning a lottery. We always know the past, we have no way to know future.

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check is a subscription service invented by stock market expert Marc Chaikin and his firm with an aim to tell future. While writing this review, I haven’t had enough time to judge the accuracy of this fortune telling. The concept and ease of use are what I am satisfied about.

Basically Health Check is a weekly personalized stock prediction analysis. Brokers and analyst do this task even today. But, their work is oriented towards an industry sector or a particular stock. Chaikin brought a nice twist by personalizing recommendation as per your portfolio. If you own AAPL (Apple) and don’t own F (Ford Motors), then you’ll only see prediction for AAPL and not of F.

These predictions are also presented in a layman friendly way, where red symbol means bearish and green means bullish, Yellow neutral. You will easily seek which direction your stocks are headed in next 3-6 months.

How Chaikin Health Check works

Easy enrollment procedure. Credit card is required to sign up but, you’ll not be charged if you cancel immediately or within first 7 days after getting your first health check report. Just what I did. You need to go through a process of inputting all your stock holdings in the screen. I really wish they had automatic pull from broker functionality. That is the only cumbersome process, rest is smooth.

The report is easy to read and use. Starts with declaring overall health of your portfolio, with some warnings about possible troubles ahead. I found the report well organized and clear in tone.

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check is the only analysis that shows you where your stock portfolio is headed in the next 3-6 months—a virtual watchdog that helps you act on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Insights once available only to professionals are now yours in a concise, weekly report.

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check has been featured on Fox Business News. See the video here: and was recently reviewed by Barron’s, see:

Salient features of Chaikin Portfolio Health Check

  • A watchdog for your stock portfolio, helping you spot and act on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
  • Tells you weekly if you are positioned for success over the next 3-6 months
  • Gives you specific ideas for swapping weak stocks and industry groups for strong ones
  • Uses powerful analytics once available only to Wall Street professionals to guide you
  • Clear graphics let you review and understand the report in  minutes
  • Shows how you’re doing compared to the S&P 500 and Chaikin Community
  • Based on the proven Chaikin Power Gauge Rating
  • Quickly recognize trouble spots and opportunities on the Chaikin Power Grid—where stocks and industry groups are mapped out in quadrants, green-for-bullish, red-for-bearish

To get your first Portfolio Health Check free visit:

I am not an active trader so, this tool is of no use to me going forward. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. If you are one such active trader this tool is one of a kind. Other similar/cheaper personalized prediction tool may come in future but, till then this can be helpful for you.

With a disclaimer that I didn’t review the accuracy of its stock prediction. You may benefit with the stock swaps and other recommendations that comes with your weekly report.

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  1. This looks like a neat tool. I find color-based metrics to be helpful in learning. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Looks pretty cool. I like the charts and such to help visualize everything.


  3. I may break down and put some stocks in an online portfolio some day. I always hate to share financial information online, but it would be awfully handy to be able to do a one click lookup of what the stuff is worth – or even better – what you are reviewing here.


  4. I too am not a trader. But, if I ever have the extra money to play around with, I could see the value in this tool. I’ll have to circle back around to this post some time in the future.



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