Five Online Tips For Streamlining your Business

While certain people will always be more web savvy than others, using the internet to your advantage need not be an exercise in the overly technical. There are all kinds of services now available online that are easy to use and could well streamline your business practices, here are five ways you can make use of them

Get a better deal

Everyone knows there are price comparison websites out there that can save you cash on everything from credit cards to energy prices. But did you know that sites like MoneySupermarket also offer deals on things like professional indemnity insurance? The site has guides to the different kinds of business cover available and links to providers that could be cheaper than what you are paying now. I know many businesses that got benefited by cost cutting which were only possible because of price comparison.

There are other sites where you can try price comparison, price grabber, price checker, which, price runner, kelkoo, etc.

Get yourself out there

For many, the idea of setting up a website will seem either terrifyingly complicated or hugely expensive – when the truth of the matter is it needn’t be either. Programs like WordPress have made site-building incredibly easy and once you have bought a domain name that suits you, the site can be up and running in an afternoon. This could be just what you need to offer clients a shop window that cuts down on advertising bills elsewhere.

Get social

How do you engage with others in your industry, as for advice, share ideas and potentially generate new customers without getting out there and spending cash? By using social media. Many of us will be familiar with Facebook, but Twitter is an even more useful tool for talking to the people who matter and getting your name out there. Use it wisely and you can really create a brand for your business that is trusted and well-regarded, without spending a fortune on PR.

Get on Skype

Making international calls can be incredibly costly, but Skype has changed all that for many businesses. Not only is it a cheaper way to make calls, but if you are using it to call someone who has a Skype account at the other end it is absolutely free – and who doesn’t want something that is useful and cheap?

Get used to being paper free

The internet has changed the way we communicate, yet some of us still cling on to the wasteful and cumbersome past. Do you really need to print out the emails you receive? Why print off and send a huge document to send to someone in the post when there are ways to compress it and send it in an email? Even billing and invoicing can be a lot more slim-line if it is done digitally, so give up those old tree-destroying ways!

What other methods you can suggest here readers?

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  1. The ability to collaborate across distance is huge and you can do it free using things like Skype (as you noted), Sharepoint, Google docs and etc. There are lots of free tools out there to budget, track and plan.


  2. Getting paperless is a tip that I try to do all the time. I am stuck with some paper statements for my accountant and taxes, but other than that I have done a pretty good job.



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