Inbox Dollars Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

InboxDollars is a reward site, that pays you for doing regular stuff online, like reading emails, playing games, surfing net, earching and answering surveys.

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Making money in the comfort of your home is a dream for most people. For some they’re looking to supplement their full-time career while others are looking to make it big on their own. Being in the tech age that we are, the internet can provide many lucrative career choices if you know what you’re doing.

There are more ways to make money online than I have time to even begin explaining. One popular and what I will label as introductory, way to make money online is doing things such as completing online surveys and polls. It’s usually fast, easy to do and minimal requirements. If you have a basic internet connection chances are it’s something you can do.

InboxDollars Background

Around since 2000, InboxDollars is a company that aims to have you earning money in your spare time. You earn money with Inbox Dollars through completing surveys, polls, surfing websites, watching videos or even playing online games.

When you signup, you earn $5 as a sign up bonus. you can then continue to increase your earnings every day by doing regular online stuff.

Once you earn a minimum threshold ($30.00) you can cash your money out and start earning all over again. There are additional ways to earn as well if you’re able to refer friends and family to join- collecting 10% of everything they earn.

It seems simple but it’s more complicated then they make it seem. While yes you are in fact only required to complete fairly simple tasks like those mentioned above, it can take a very long time to both complete the tasks and earn any sizable amount of money.

One other review mentions spending 20 minutes on a single survey only to find out they only earned $0.20. Email surveys tend to payout only a few cents at a time. Reaching the initial payout can seem like an impossible task.

Some Cautions

Here are some pain points people have experienced with Inbox Dollars. Once you set the right expectation your level of satisfaction might increase, afterall.

InboxDollars can be tricky with their wording saying things like ‘’you can earn up to $15 for by doing this survey!’’ only to find out 10 minutes into it you’re actually not totally qualified to complete it after initial screening or the answers your provided yielded a $1.00 payout. Some people have claimed to earn a sizable chunk of change with Inbox Dollars though..

There are some flaws with Inbox Dollars that people have experiences. First they charge you a processing fee of $3 whenever you encash your earnings. They also take 1-2 months to mail out the first check. But once you start getting checks, it’ll come every month, provided you earn more than $30 every month.

Inbox Dollars offers $5 if you refer a friend but you only get credited when your friend earns $30. There’s no easy money in this world, isn’t it?

If you don’t have access to a computer, not unrealistic given the functionality of today’s smartphones, there is an app that you can try as well. It is available on both Android and Apple operating systems.

When it comes to earning money online, or any site that requires any of your personal information, be smart and do your homework. There are many scams out there that look like legit sites that you later find out, are not. Inbox Dollars is in fact a legit business though and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.


Though InboxDollars does in fact claim to have you earning money at home, you won’t get rich fast. It can be very time consuming for little payout. The site does encourage you to participate by giving you more opportunities the more ‘’active’’ you are though. In my opinion there are many other ways you could use your time to earn such menial amounts of money.

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