Lowermybills.com review, does it really lower your Bills?

Lowermybills.com is a site is an online finance company. This site connects borrowers to lenders.  This site also helps you in debate, bill pay, credit cards, insurance, phone, and internet service. This site was founded in year 1999. The head office of this site is situated at Los Angeles, California.  Then in year 2005 Experian purchase this site for $330 million.

In this year this site record profit of $26 million on total sell of $126 million. In year 2006 site spent nearly $75 million to $100 million on internet advertising.  Site got famous because of enticing animated ads or many pantomime ads. In 2007 this site expanded its wings to reach UK. They launched site lowermybills.co.uk.

Features of LowerMyBills.com

This site has very nice layout. And the tabs are colored with green color, which is similar to color of currency notes. The main tabs on this site are “MORTGAGE”, “DEBATE”, “INSURANCE”, “PHONE AND INTERNET”. Along with this one additional tab “more categories” has list of additional service they provide.

Whenever you move cursor to any of the main tabs, sub categories get popped down.  You can select any one specific category you want.  After clicking on category, you will be redirected either to their online application or to submit form. The mortgage application on home page is really very easy to operate and is very helpful too.

It includes all main information required to calculate your mortgage value.  They have one more tab line “education”. This tab link has 10 different streams.   When you select any of those streams, you get redirected to other site. There are some more things on home page like mortgage calculator etc. this will help you to get what you want.

But many costumers are not satisfied with this site.  Their complaint is this site took their phone number, email id while registration and then their phone numbers and email ids were given to many lenders. Many of those lenders called customers and sent many emails over several days period. Many people think that this site is a scam.

As whenever any site commit you to lower your bills and to reduce cost of insurance then the question arose that why they are lowering their profit. And why they need all information of customers including their address, their date of birth etc things while registering.

It is understandable that one needs your current income, amount of mortgage you want for calculating perfect mortgage plan for you, they should not ask for personal details. As per majority opinion on internet forum and other reviews it is suspected that  lowermybills.com sell your personal information to outside vendors to earn additional income.

Pros and Cons of lowermybills

People even reported receiving daily calls from lenders soliciting mortgage/loans. But as every coin has two sides, there are some good things as well as bad things regarding this site. Following are the pros and cons of this site.

Pros: –

  • Easy to follow website which is attractive.
  • Works great with any type of loan you want.
  • You can compare almost all credit cards using application.
  • Calculator provided for mortgage, home equity, debt consolidation are very helpful
  • People really saved money, including me, by using their site.
  • You get mortgage information from many vendors by just one click. It saves a lot of time.

Cons: –

  • Just a middle man, do not provide value added service.
  • Rumored to be selling your personal information to lenders.
  • Your  will receive calls and emails if you give your information while calculating loans, mortgage etc.

Verdict on lowermybills.com

I wouldn’t sign-up for them as I am not comfortable in giving away my personal information to anybody. They are just a broker between you and the lenders. I will only give my personal info, like social, to my lender directly, not to a middle man.

There are various functions available on their website for which you may not need to register. Use those functions to fullest,  I don’t think you have appetite for giving away your social security number. Especially when majority of users suspect lowermybills.com sells your personal information to lenders.

There are other comparison shopping websites in the market, where you can shop for lowest rates on your loans and utility services including internet and telephony. Use those services instead of opening an account with lowermybills.com and divulging your social security number.

We give a “Avoid” rating to lowermybills.com. Let us know your experience with this company. Your feedback is improtant for others.

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  1. So do they charge the consumer a fee or something to ‘join’? What is the scam other than selling your informaiton?


  2. Sounds more like a data collection firm than a true service. Thanks for laying out the pros and cons of this service.



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