Mutual Fund or Real Estate, What’s Better For You?

Okay, so probably the title says it all. The heading of this article is in itself a big controversial topic in our countries investment market for several years now. This question could never really be answered by any one. Because, let us face the truth, no great a genius can give a clear cut answer to this question simply because this question does not have a clear cut answer.


The question to this answer may vary from person to person and according to their personal choices.

But then you would think, if this is such a personal choice, why are we writing an article for this topic? Well, let us warn you prior to getting into the article, if you expect any concrete answers from us towards the end of the article, then stop right away because that isn’t happening. What we are going to do right here is we shall give you a brief list of pros and cons of both fields of investment and then you shall decide by comparing both of them according to your own parameters.

Okay, so first off, we would begin with the real estate marketrso

So let us assume that you are planning to buy a property in Bangalore as an investment for gaining profits. For should you know about this field of investment before actually getting into the field?

So here are some things you need to know about investing in the real estate market,

·         Your growth will never be guaranteed. You may not be very sure about what is going to be the future of your investment so basically, there isn’t assurance.

·         Your profits can be supernormal or very bad depending on how the profit rates are going high or low for that particular property.

·         You always have an option of getting rid of your investment

·         You can actually see and feel your investment which obviously makes people feel a lot better.

·         It is considered as an asset and as an addition to your novelty list in the society.

Now that was for the real estate market which had its own good and bad points. Pretty much a combination it was, wasn’t it?

We now move forward to the mutual fund market.

So mutual fund market is a relatively a less explored market by the investors as compared to the real estate market. This can be for various reasons like people don’t know much about mutual funds or because this is a form of investment people are familiar with.

Whatever reason it be, people who are investing in or want to invest in mutual funds, should know about this,

·         Mutual fund have guaranteed returns. They have a particular percent of hike prescribed to the investor and that promise is kept.

·         Normal profits happen. There aren’t any chances for any supernormal profits but there aren’t any losses either.

·         Mutual funds cannot be counted in for your greater standard of living and does not add to your novelty list.

·         You cannot get rid of mutual fund investments whenever you feel like. It is a more committed form of investment which requires a lot of patience.

So here we have given you a pretty clear evaluation of both the markets and this should be enough to analyze which field you are interested to invest it.

So choose what is best for you because only you can choose the best for yourself.

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