National Credit Card Debt Relief Reviews – Top 5 Debt Relief Companies

Today, most of us are making use of credit cards for making purchases. Therefore, credit card debts have quickly piled up as well. Making the right choice of the credit card debt relief company can turn out to be quite a cumbersome procedure if not pursued with due care.

Here, we present you the Top 5 Credit Card Debt Relief Companies, so that it becomes easier for you to zero in on your preferred debt relief company, if at all you need their services.

1. Golden Financial Services

Golden Financial Services was selected to be the number one company on this list after an outstanding performance over the last three-years. Their website was featured for this article and we recommend the public visit it to learn more about debt relief options in the United States.

Offering a range of comprehensive debt relief programs, Golden Financial Services has been setting new paradigms of client satisfaction for a long time. In the United States of America the interest rate on credit cards oscillates between 14 percent to 15 percent. This is something definitely high and if you are paying something in this category or higher then you should resort to effective debt advice in order to bail yourself out of your current obligations with ease.

Consumers can also start by simply using the credit card debt payoff calculator offered by Golden Financial Services. This debt calculator free tool will show a person how long it will take for them to pay off their unsecured and credit card debt when utilizing a credit card relief program, making the minimum payment, or paying more than the minimum payment.

2. Debtmerica

One of the best attributes that makes Debtmerica stand out amongst scores of other debt relief centers in America, is the wealth of information offered on their website. You seriously are not required to provide your personal details in order to get all this information. Most of the other service providers out there will require you to provide personal details upfront. Debtmerica steers clear of such practices diligently.
You May Resolve Debt in as little as Twenty Four – Forty Eight Months.
Low Monthly Payment & No Upfront Fees
Learn about the Debtmerica Debt Relief Program Here

3. National Debt Relief

The Company has earned a name for itself when it comes to protecting clients from bitter harassment from creditors. You can avail its spectacular feature of call log provided on their website. Whenever you receive a collection call or a notice then you can record the relevant details of the conversation or the written material on this “call log” feature. These details come handy when the company negotiates with the creditor. National Debt Relief – Resolve Your Credit Card Debt Problems, BBB Accredited Business – Get Relief From Unsecured Credit Card Debt.

4. Cura Debt

Offering debt consolidation and debt settlement services, the firm offers you the scope to explore the diverse debt relief options. Secure a free consultation as well. Since 2000, CuraDebt has been helping individuals and small business owners find peace of mind and solutions to the stress of financial challenges. With over 13 years’ experience, more than any other company in the industry, the CuraDebt counselors are in a perfect position to listen, understand, and make recommendations after having a clear understanding of your situation. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals as quickly and as easily as possible

5. Oak View Law Group

No matter how difficult it seems to pay off present debts, please remember that bankruptcy is always the last resort. Get in touch with Oak View Law Group when you are seriously considering bankruptcy. Its debt specialists can really help you with settlement negotiations once you open a special account with them. Their qualitative range of services is backed by the expertise of trained attorneys, who will guide you ably through the complex process. As a potential client, one can easily rely on its affiliations related to online privacy protection as well as to the specialized employee training (from International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators)

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  1. It is important to understand that these company’s don’t all offer the same thing. I am the owner of Golden Financial Services so of course I am thrilled with these results and I am glad that we are number one, but all of these company’s are excellent company’s. Some of these company’s offer debt validation, while other companies offer consumer credit counseling. For example, at Golden Financial Services we specialize in debt settlement, but some consumers may need consumer credit counseling which is something that we don’t offer.

    Therefore you need to understand all of your options and often it may take contacting a few different companies in order for you to get an accurate quote on all options. I always recommend consumers get a quote from a few company’s and not just going with the first company that they find.

    Also, to make this list we were required to provide actual proof of graduated clients over the last three years, and these clients were contacted and verified to be graduated clients. We are also required to provide all of our partner company names, and our contracts to show that we are compliant with the FTC.


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