What Kind of Jean Best Suits You?

Shopping for jeans, it has to be said, is not my preferred past time. Hours spent browsing through racks of jeans, trying to find the right size, length, or cut, could be better spent elsewhere.

Whole libraries could be built upon the types of jeans which have evolved over the past 140 years, since the cowboys started wearing denim in the 1870s. So, when I do go jean shopping, I try to pinpoint exactly what type of jean I am looking for before I start.

Most popular at the moment are jeans of the slim cut variety. I’m talking skinny fit jeans, jeans which fit very closely to the leg. Now, I like to wear tight-fitting clothes as much as the next normal-sized woman, but I do have to be careful when it comes to buying these types.

Having said that, skinny jeans do look beautiful and stylish when they are the right fit and the wearer is comfortable in them.

If you are keen on getting your hands on the thinner variety of jean, bear these points in mind. Firstly, don’t buy a pair in your normal size. They will shrink and then they will be uncomfortable.

Secondly, think about what you are planning to do in these jeans. If you will be walking around a lot in them, then go for it. However, if you plan to work in them, drive a lot whilst wearing them, or otherwise sit in them a great deal, then I would urge you to reconsider.

Then there is the flared jean. Once beloved by hippies everywhere back in the flowery world of the 1970s, flared jeans have demonstrated a long-lasting hold in the fashion world. In the late 1990s there was a resurge in demand for flared jeans and soon celebrities everywhere were seen wearing them. The last few years have been quieter for this style of jean, but there have been some recent collections which have featured flares.

Flares are most flattering to people lucky enough to have long legs. They can also help to balance out a person with an apple shape body, although you must be careful not to shorten the appearance of your legs whilst attempting to do so.

Asides from skinny and flared, the other main type of jean is the classic regular cut. Close fitting but not skin-tight, it is this style of jean which was first pioneered all those years ago in the American west. Some would argue that this style of jean is the most versatile and the most stylish. Certainly, it is easier to work and play in these jeans, as the denim has a great deal of ‘give’ and is resilient to wear and tear.

Teaming this style of jean up with current fashion trends is however perhaps a little trickier, especially in the world of women’s fashion, as they are not as flattering to the form as their thinner-cut cousins.

Overall, I tend to opt for skinny cut jeans in a size which feels comfortable, as they flatter my body whilst also giving me a little extra room. What type of jeans do you prefer?

Author Bio:  Anne Sinclair is a blogger and author who likes to slip on skinny fit jeans once in a while.

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