3 Best Credit Cards For Cash Back in 2012

Cash back credit cards help earning a little extra while using the cards for regular purchases. Gradually the reward nature of cash back cards is changing. We are seeing diminishing rewards every year.

in 2012 most cash back credit cards are similar in nature, most of them offer 1% cash back on general purchases. A few cards offer larger cash back on specific categories. For me, I personally use Chase freedom, AMEX Blue Cash, Citi Platinum and Discover More cards. I use the card which gives maximum reward at the point of purchase.

In the crowd of almost-similar cards we really need to read fine print to gauge the better products. I try to keep my reviews up-to-date. if you feel they are outdated, write a comment below and I’ll take care of it promptly.

Here are the three best cash back reward cards.

Chase Freedom Visa Card

This card is from Chase Bank. This Chase Freedom Visa Card stands first because of one of the largest cash rewards currently. Though their annual percentage rate is higher than some competitors but they really give good cash back rewards.

  • 1% cash back on all purchases. This is same like all other cards.
  • 5% cash back for purchase of $1500 for 3 months.
  • After every 3 months you will get 5% cash back on one category.
  • Take advantage of 0% APR for first 15 months.
  • Earn up to 10% rewards through Chase ultimate rewards program.
  • There is no annual fee and rewards have no deadline.
  •  After 15 months they take 12.99 percent to 22.99 percent annual percentage rate.
  • There is 0% balance transfer offer for first 15 months.

Blue cash from American Express

American Express Blue cash has a revamped rewards structure which is as honest as you can get. But, in 2011 AMEX changed it and now you there is no cap on rewards anymore! There is no rotating categories, this is one card that you can rely for consistency of rewards. The big advantage is there’s no cap unlike other reward cards like chase freedom.

  • 3% at grocery stores – Discover More sometime gives 5% on grocery, except those occasion, this is my card to use at Wal-Mart/Target.
  • 2% at gas stations – Unless my other cards give more for gas (they do once for three month every year) this is my card for filling up.
  • 2% at department stores – usually I carry it our trips to Macy’s, NeimanMarcus and JC Penny.
  • 1% on everything else – normal as other cards.
  • On all eligible purchases you get automatic extended warranty coverage, purchase protection, return protection and more
  • No annual fee
  • Bonus of $100 cash back for spending $1k within the first 90 days.

Capital One Cash Rewards

This is a card by Capital One Bank. Their capital one cash reward card stands on third position because of its comparatively row APR very good cash back program and good amount of rewards. Following are the details about card: –

  • 1% cash back on all purchase.
  • You get $100 rewards if you spend $500 in first three months from activating your card.
  • Also whatever cash back you will get in a year; You get additional 50 percent of total cash back at the end of year.
  • You can earn unlimited cash back. There is no limit on this. Rewards don’t expire.
  • There is no annual fee for this card.
  • No APR for first 12 months
  • $100 Cash reward for new applicants, so if you want to apply, apply now.
  • You can redeem cash back any time also if you want you can set up automatic redemption too.

There are other good cards that offer good rewards a little bit tweaking of their program offering can take them to top three. Keep coming back to get updated information.

Remember we are not affiliated to any financial institution, we provide fair and honest reviews.

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  1. The blue cash card sounds like a no-brainer.


  2. I’m always wary of the “spend X amount during the first y months to qualify for z points.” Someone with bad money management skills will easily fall into that trap.


    • Putting the nail at right place. But wrong math can make you not earn the rewards. It won’t hamper anything else. Now if you do wrong math in calculating your total due, then its a big problem


  3. kellylynnMay 21, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Good article, all of them sound good but watch for transfer fees.


  4. Blue cash from American Express has really nice rewards structure!


  5. These rewards are great! If you’re disciplined enough to carry credit cards without going crazy and pay down the balance at the end of the month, these are 3 nice options.


  6. I agree with the writers analysis on all the credit cards mentioned, except The AmEx Blue Cash. It states in Blue’s fine print that super centers and discount stores (e.g. Walmart & Target) are only eligible for 1% back. However, a better cashback credit card for those of us that do shop at these stores is the Bank America Cash Rewards card. It gives you 3% at gas stations and 2% back for groceries (also Walmart and Target).


  7. Thank you for this SB! I’m in the market for a cash rewards card and had been looking for some potential alternatives to Chase Freedom. You’ve definitely given me a few choices to look into.


  8. All of these cards are great. A good tool to help earn even more rewards with them since some have caps (assuming you carry multiple) is the Wallaby Card which is a rewards management tool.


  9. I haven’t used Capital One so i don’t know about it rest two are the best credit cards.mainly i used my Blue Cash from American Express i get up to 5% cash back.


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