Weekly Product Review Roundup

Hello readers, welcome to the roundup edition of product reviews. We had a few reviews going on in the blogging world. Here’s some choicest of ‘em.

But before we start that, here’s some update to share with you. FPR has grown 50%+ month by month in terms of traffic tot he site since inception. We now average 10,000 page views a month. Which is more than satisfactory given the site is in existence only since last 5 months.

We rank at top in two of keywords which send us sizable traffic to this blog. As we write more reviews we expect to see continuous improvement in search traffic to this site. As a regular reader I would like to thank you for sticking with the blog.

Now, enjoy reading these awesome reviews.

Superior Finance Product Reviews on the Web

Glen Craig presents EverBank Online Yield Pledge Checking and Money Market Review posted at Free From Broke

Amazon Prime is a shopping club membership aka Costco/Sam’s club, it lost money in first year of operation, Flexo presents a bright outlook for Amazon prime despite the loss.

My university Money presents Mint.com review, very informative post and you should head over if you’re not a mint.com user. mint.com is one of the best personal finance tool. And do not miss our own review of mint.com

Retire by 40 presents a Book Review: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Investor Junkie writes about Prosper Review – Are They Worth a Second Look?

Jeff Rose writes Protection for Your Home – Is Mortgage Life Insurance Worth It?

Carnivals FPR featured in

Thanks to the gracious host for not considering me as a business blog promoting own products and including in carnivals hosted by them

If I was featured in a carnival you hosted and I didn’t mention about your blog, do let me know I will take corrective action at the earliest!

Come back for more reviews and insights in to financial products that define our future.

Weekly Product Review Roundup and Carnival Gratitude

Hello and welcome. FPR readership per day is in upswing. So is the SE visitor counts. There were also a few good news  on the blog statistics front. FPR got its first Google page rank, along with SEO Moz ranks for Domain authority and Page Authority.

You can refer to my advertisement page to glance over the statistics.

Some of the good finance reviews and other articles of interest

Beating Broke presents Money Rules by Jean Chatzky , a book review.
Card Hub presents Is the LivingSocial Credit Card Worth Getting?
Free From broke presents The Best Airline Miles Credit Cards 
Amateur Financier presents Book Review – The Art of Non-Conformity
One Money Design presents Saving Money For College – A Upromise Review
Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings presents All the money in the world: A book review
PT Money presents My Accountant Reviews QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop
Card Hub reviews Bank of America’s New Travel Rewards Credit Cards
Beating The Index reviews Eagle Energy Trust

Other good financial articles

You Have More Than You Think presents 7 Timeless Tricks For Mastering The Job Interview.
The Frugal Toad, on whether it’s time to ditch the penny.
Squirrelers presents Ways to Plan for Retirement
Free Financial Advisor has some fees that he hates more than Spirit Airline’s new $100 fee for carry-on bags.
Work Save Live has a helpful post laying out why he didn’t sell his car on Craigslist.
One Smart Dollar lays out how to save money on buying car.
See Debt Run bring us the conclusion of their Should We Buy a Dog series (surprise ending).
Cult Of Money presents How to retire on a pension
Evolving PF discusses couple money issues Changes During the First Year of Marriage

Carnival inclusions

Thanks to the gracious host for not considering me as a business blog promoting own products and including in carnivals hosted by them

Financial Excellence at the Carnival of Financial Planning
Thanks to Young and Thrifty for hosting the The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie
Balance Junkie hosted the Total Money Blog Carnival
The Simple Finance Blog hosted Carnival of Retirement
Carnival of MoneyPros at Financial Success for Young Adults
Thanks to One Smart Dollar for hosting the The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie
Included in round up by The Free Financial Advisor
Carnival of Retirement at Young Cheap Living.
My University Money hosted Carnival of Financial Camaraderie.
Financial Simplicity Carnival at Evolving PF
Top Financial posts of the week at Personal Finance Whiz

That’s a lot of carnival inclusion, actually this contains two weeks of links. readers do you have any specific need for a review, do let me know thru comments.

Weekly Review Roundup and Carnival Gratitude

Finance Product reviews across the blogosphere

Lazy Man presents Money Rules by Jean Chatzky Reviewed posted at Lazy Man and Money.

JB presents Mint Review posted at My University Money.

Roger the Amateur Financier presents Book Review – Eat That Frog! posted at The Amateur Financier.

Grand Per Month writes Multi-Level Marketing Companies in Review.

Free From Broke presents review of Startwood preferred card from American Express.

Afford Anything presents Book Review – Good to Great by Jim Collins.


We are grateful to the gracious carnival hosts for hosting and including my articles.

Carnival of Financial Camaraderie @ My University Money
Carnival of Retirement @ Broke Professionals
Yakezie Carnival @ Money Reasons
Financial Carnival of Young Adults @ 20′s Finances
Carnival of Money pros @ Thousandaire
Tax carnival @ Don’t Mess with Taxes

Did I miss the carnival hosted by you? Comment below and you’ll be included! That’s all for today, have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

Thanks for reading the roundup, let us know how you feel about the article selection.

Weekly Finance Articles Roundup

Welcome readers to this roundup and link love edition. Let’s see the articles that caught my attention past week.

Good Reads and Reviews in Blogosphere

Slippery Slope of Separate Money at Evolving PF.

Cult of money talks about Blogging as a Business run by venture capitalists.

Simple island living calculates her cost of moving across the Ocean.

Tackling our debt discusses about Canadian first time home buyer tax credit.

What do you do when you spill water on your laptop or it gets in to water, head out to read, Laptop Underwater.

The Price of a Sandwich from Freedom 48. Some knowledge to gain here.

Early Retirement Extreme at Married With Debt. John you too?

Joe is missing his check books, check out I Miss Checkbooks

You Must See Yourself as a Success Coach Motivating post from Joyful Self-Manager.

Work Save Life has the result of reader’s poll, Want to see how people feel about selling their wedding ring, head over to read selling wedding ring.

Carnival Inclusion

We are grateful to the gracious carnival hosts for hosting and including my articles.

Did I miss the carnival hosted by you? Comment below and you’ll be included! That’s all for today, have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

Thanks for reading the roundup, let us know how you feel about the article selection.

Product Review and Finance Articles Roundup

Do not forget, this is a blog and not a regular website. Here I can certainly give some personal touch at times. When I get bored of reviewing products, I want to cover other aspects of personal finance. In future, I am going to highlight certain financial aspects which are equally important as reading the reviews.

Today I am again going to list some good reads around the financial blogosphere. I think you should read them and get benefited.

The Amateur Financier  Reviews the book Eat that Frog.
Jason at Work Save Live wants to sell his wife’s wedding ring (??!!!) should he sell his wife’s wedding ring?
Tackling Our Debt lists all the coupons sites in US and Canada. Book mark worthy page.
Evolving Personal Finance has a good point on calculating net worth.
Add-vodka presents some Tips for interns and newbies.
Free Financial Adviser talking about allowance and overprotective parents.  Good ideas for the parents.
Cult of Money asks a question if you know your blog visitors (aka Customers) and tells us to Segment visitors for fun and profit.
Simple Island Living talks about Cost of moving across the ocean.
See Debt Run throws in an important question, would you fix your household electricity problems yourself?
Small Budget Big Dreams gave some good tips for home buying.
Joyful Self manager talks about Self Management – Strategies for Handling Verbal Confrontations
Free From broke presents Visa® Black Card Review – A Carbon Card That’s Expensive But Full of Benefits
Money Spruce presents Money Rules Book Review: A Quick Guide to Finances.
My Dollar Plan presents Unveiling The Retirement Myth: Book Review.

Carnival Inclusion

Carnival of Retirement at Passive Income to Retire.
Carnival of MoneyPros at Beating Broke and Financially Consumed.
Yakezie Carnival at Watson Inc. and Money Q and A
Money Reasons – Yakezie Carnival – The Early Spring Jump Edition!
Thousandaire – Carnival of Money Pros #4 Scramble With Friends
20′s Finances – Financial Carnival of Young Adults 
Passive Income to Retire – Yakezie Carnival, April fool’s edition
Step Away From The Mall - Carnival of Financial Camaraderie
Tackling Our Debt - Carnival of Retirement
Canadian personal Finance – Carnival of Personal Finance
Don’t Mess with taxes – Tax carnival

Did I miss the carnival hosted by you? Comment below and you’ll be included! That’s all for today, have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

Weekly Chit-Chat and Good Reads

Welcome every one. We are officially 1 month old. And Google has granted us some authority. Now when I searched using the blog name, I saw FPR as the first entry listed. Even we are now seeing a couple of search engine visitors everyday. this is a good sign. Although I don’t think we would see any significant search traffic till we are 6 months old.

This is my experience from building my personal finance blog, One Cent at a Time. We saw traffic increase at 3 months level, 6 months level and at 1 year. Although the back-link profile is not very good right now. I did make some headway with Yakezie bloggers and carnival hosts.

Last week we posted only one review because  didn’t get much time to try out many products. I hope to amend the lull in upcoming weeks. We want FPR to be a very reliable name in the field of product reviews. Till date the reviews we have written were very honest.

I am trying out betterment and many other finance tools for writing review purpose. So far I haven’t found any revolutionary product in the market after mint.com and Yodlee in terms of reliability, ease and usefulness.

Roundup of good reviews and blog posts

The Amateur Financier reviews the book I always wanted to read The Millionaire Next Door.

50 plus Finance reviews the Betterment financial software tool

Cult of Money has an excellent write-up on the Power of Feedback for your Success.

Ever thought about how things at your home pile up? Simple Island Living has found out the same and I think it’s not simple living even if its on an Island.

Here’s to a beginner Blogger’s claim to fame for a post that went viral, at See Debt Run, Michelle must have seen a traffic run for a few days, congrats!

Evolving PF brings out a good point to start saving for retirement while you’re in college. It’s not that everyone could do, but, if you have the means, why not?

Tackling our Debt has three very simple and practical tips to earn money from neighborhood.

Watson inc is master of psychological thriller posts, right out of text books, now he targets earning more vs. saving more. Earn guys, earn!

Average Joe’s Blog plays with Swiss army knife, The Roth IRA – Playing Games With Tax Brackets

Last week,  FPR was included in Carnival of personal Finance at Thirty Six Months and Yakezie Carnival at Money Reasons.

See you all for another round of chit-chat next week.

Weekly Good Reads in the Blogging World

This is first month anniversary of this blog. So far I have received around 972 page views and 253 unique visitors at Finance Product Reviews.

Not bad so far provided I only has 7 visits through search engine. And so far I don’t even appear in the front page for a search term “Finance Product Reviews”.

Let’s now bring out the articles I did like reading and a few reviews that might be of help if you are considering those.

Mint.com iPhone app review at Buck Inspire covers some features on mint’s smart phone app. I am a Yodlee user, and they don’t do a very good job in providing an phone app.

Free From Broke reviews some latest and coolest payment technologies like Google Wallet NFC and Amex-Twitter collaboration.

Money Q and A updated readers on newest features in betterment tool.

Bucksome Boomer presents Free Personal Finance assistance Tool.

Cult of Money reviews the book, Grouped.

Young and Thrifty has published a comprehensive review on You Need a Budget (YNAB) personal finance software, I admit I heard the name for first time, I will surely research, use and publish my version of feedback via a review.

Evolving PF has an comprehensive post about choosing the right kind of credit card according to your shopping habit. I have been telling people to do exact same thing on my other blog One Cent at a Time, but never have been able to convey the message with such elegance.

Interesting, funny and engaged post from Free Financial Advisor I miss Checkbooks.

Financial knowledge Online has an important lessons for those who seek quick success, Stop Moving the Boat.

Small Budget Big Dreams has an immediate dream to celebrate St. Patricks day on a budget, good tips!

One Cent at a Time had an article, actually a guest post, about Gold Vs. Silver as an investment option.

At the end, Work Save Life discusses on the successes, failures and lessons as a beginner blogger.

I should be able to review two products a week from next week onwards, But on certain weeks I may be able to get one article out in a week. See you again for some personal talk next week.

Finance Product Review was featured in Yakezie Carnival at Not Made of Money

Weekly Great Reads and Gratitude

Welcome to another edition of weekly roundup. I love blogging and read tons of blogs a week. Presenting few of the posts worth mentioning.

9 Ways to Save Money on Electricity  At Million Ways to Save
Can Couple really Afford Luxury cars at Gen Y Finances
The Case Against Passive Investing –  At Blog My Money
Would You Accept Government Food Assistance If You Won The Lottery? Asks Financial Samurai
Play your finances like a video game at Cult of Money
Does One Million Dollars Make You Rich? at Cash Flow Mantra
How to Really Retire Early…..Really at Good Financial Cents
See Debt Run discussed Gas Sure is Expensive!
Small Budget Big Dreams talked about the TV show House Hunters in her post HGTV, We’re in a Fight!
Evolving Personal Finance wrote about The Financial Implications of Dropping One Car
The Single Saver talked about why Customer Service is Important!
Darwin’s Money wrote about Apple is the World’s Whipping Boy for Worker Conditions, Jobs, Profits – Fair?

Weekly reviews around the blogosphere

We could only find four reviews this week. Request to other bloggers out there to give a shout out to me in comment, twitter or mail when you review a product.

Invest it Wisely reviews H&R Block Canada.
Young and Thrifty review the book Findependence Day
20′s Finances reviews FiPath Express roll over Center.
One Cent at a Time also reviews FiPath ERC extensively. FiPath ERC product review

FPR Weekly Roundup of Great Reads

What a great week it was. FPR is seeing some stray visitors on the site. The SE traffic haven’t opened up and we saw only a couple of visitors from search sites.

Roundup of best reviews and other articles

I am part of a budding and enthusiastic Yakezie challenger group of bloggers. Every week we help and promote each others work. The following is some of the best post written by this group of fantastic folks over ta Yakezie

Cult of Money presents his gains from Prosper Lending Program.

Evolving PF presents Private School Angst.

Simple Island Living presents Why Timeshare Freebies Are not Free.

See Debt Run presents Habit Creep.

Tackling Our Debt gives us 4 Steps to manage Business and Time.

Gen Y Finances presents his Blog and Personal Goals

The Single Saver is feeling the pressure of election year, She Wants to Stop the Campaign Calls.

Small Budget Big Dreams reviews My Points Reward Program

Work Save Life asks a question What’s Holding You Back?

Look at Financial Knowledge Online‘s February income Report

Free Financial Advisor discusses about changes in inherited IRA rules

Free Money Finance compares and lists best Credit card promotion offers

Money Q and A reviews the book The Psychology of Wealth where as The Amateur Financier reviews Investment Guide book

FPR was included in the following carnivals in the past week.

Carnival of Personal Finance at Well heeled Blog

Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup. Come aback again for latest reviews. 100% authentic.

Product Review Roundup, Gratitudes and Giveaways

Welcome to the roundup of articles in the blogosphere on Financial product reviews. The roundup brings you some additional products reviews, they are all from experienced bloggers and trustworthy.

Betterment Review at Smart on Money, this was his conclusion “I loved Betterment before and signed up to use them, despite that I wasn’t 100% happy about their costs/fees.  Now that they’ve lowered their fees drastically and made them super competitive, I really don’t have any major reservations about their service anymore.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Betterment now, and I would recommend them to friends, family and anyone else as a great place to invest“.

Money Green Life review Costco American Express True Earning Card. Here’s his excerpts “The annual fee more than pays for itself through cash back earnings. If you’ve been considering opening up a Costco membership, make sure you do it with American Express Costco card“.

Credit Card Chaser presents his comparison of best cash back credit cards. I specially like his advice at the ends, which may benefit you if followed word by word. “The applicant needs to be sure of what the company has to offer them. Lifestyles favoring dining out and travel, as opposed to simple grocery purchases, all have credit cards that tend to those particular needs. It’s best to research them a bit and not focus on one area over another. It may be easy to get blinded by the terms “cash” and “free”. However, annual fees and specifics on rewards points must be taken into account as well. Be responsible with your credit cards and enjoy the benefits that so many companies offer“.

A lot of giveaways in the blogosphere, here they are. Don’t forget to try your luck, is doesn’t cost you money to follow on twitter, or like on Facebook.

Win $25 by answering a simple question at Stock Trend Investing – ends 3/4/12

Win $1,500, an Apple Ipad 2, a FREE VACATION or a $25 Amazon Gift Card from The Extra Money Blog! – ends 3/15/12

Win a $150 Credit at Achool Allergy from Beautiful Giveaways! – ends 3/01/12

Win $50 cash or an Amazon Gift Certificate from Money Trail – ends 3/2/12

There is $200 up for grabs at Spring Coin! – ends 2/29/12

Win $71.20 cash (via PayPal) or Amazon Gift Card from My Personal Finance Journey – ends 2/29/12

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Master The Art Of Saving – ends 2/29/12

Win $30 in cash from Three Thrifty Guys – ends 2/29/12

Win an iPod Shuffle from Black Freelancer – ends 2/29/12

Win an iPad 2 or the book, More Money Than God from Invest In 2012. – ends 3/2/12

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card at Super Frugalette. – ends 2/29/12

Win $130 from The Penny Hoarder! – ends 3/14/12

More than $500 in Cash and Prizes over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (It’s her 2nd Anniversary)!!! – ends 3/05/12

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