Amerisave Mortgage Review

Are you looking for mortgage from Amerisave or willing to consider Amerisave mortgage for refinance needs? It’s always beneficial to read reviews. Read both good and bad reviews of companies you want to establish financial relationship with.

This review is based on feedback from people who refinanced through Amerisave recently.

Mortgage means taking loan by pledging house to bank. Bank gives out loan amount to house owner. When house owner pays mortgage bank returns house ownership. In case house owner fails to pay mortgages bank can sell that house.  It is very common for house purchases to be funded by mortgages. Many bourgeois people can’t purchase house outright, though some can because of savings or funds they have. Banks earn profit by taking interest on mortgages. Many banks in America provide mortgages. Amerisave is one of them.

Amerisave is direct mortgage lending company. This company offer many types of loans. They offer fixed rate, adjustable rate, VA, FHA, USDA types of loans.  You can calculate loan interest you will need to pay using Amerisave website. So you do not need to go to their office for calculating interest rates etc things. Also they do not ask your personal details for calculating loan repayment amount.  So you can calculate repay amount without tension of being contacted by them. They provide $1000 on time closing guarantee.

Regarding customer service

They provide very good customer service. Their employees are very good in their work. They are professional and will find a beneficial deal according to your income.  They will give a quick response to your any query and will be always there to help you. They generally reply via email or phone calls. They have headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their agents explain all the things very clearly. Many people who have borrowed loan from them praise about their customer service. If you want you can check status of loan easily on their website. If you are ready with papers then they sanction a loan within a month. They pre-approve loans with lesser time compared to its competitors.

Rate of interest

Many people say that they have best rates for mortgages. You will not find that much less rates anywhere else. Their interest rates are as low as previous century. That is the reason why many people take mortgages from them. They offer discounts if you already have taken mortgages previously. Before taking mortgages from them, do sufficient research.

About their website

Their website has gained lot of customers for them.  Website has earned gold award from AAWM for its quality content, great design, easy to operate and very helpful information.  The website has many great applications like mortgage calculator. They respond you quickly if you contact their customer service via website.

Though this is one of the leading mortgage companies in America, they have received many complaints.

  • Many people said that their experience with their employees was not that much good. Many employees do not have detailed knowledge about their product.
  • Many times they do not reply to emails or phone call.
  • You get charged $35 for online application form but many times they do not respond you frequently.
  • Some people had issue with fixed rate mortgage. Those people said even after requesting to fixed interest rate mortgage, they gave floating rate mortgage and when people asked about this company said customers have to pay more if they want to fix interest rate.
  • Many people said the company is interested just in taking $500 from you as processing fee. And after giving mortgages they do not provide you that much good service and they cheat you in many ways.
  • Amerisave takes charges for those services which should be free like credit report inquiry.
  • Many times they set a trap of low rate to catch you. Once they got you, they increase their rates.
  • They do not re lock rates if interest rates go down .

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  4. I wanted to refi my 1st only and leave heloc open as it is estranged husband’s debt. I specifically asked prospective lenders if they are willing to subordinate the loan with the holder of the 2nd. I even asked if there was a situation where they would not subordinate. They only said “it just depends on the other bank’s policy regarding subordination.”
    The loan-to value ratio is an incredibly low 16.7%! my credit rating is 780. After three weeks of the most rigorous document demand of any closing I’ve ever been through (including 3 business property closings) they denied me because the heloc had a pre-payment penalty. They won’t subordinate when there is a pre-payment penalty. They conveniently forgot to tell me that when I *very specifically* asked about subordination and what would prevent subordination.
    Two bankers at Wells Fargo told me AmeriSave never even *requested* subordination, only *payoff* information. Secondly, I’m in the 2nd year of the heloc and the pre-payment is a whopping $500 at this point. And besides, *I was not going to prepay*
    Can you say *smoke screen* *only interested in the up-front fee*? Plus they recently lost a lawsuit regarding other misrepresentations. Beware! If already in process get a Buyer’s closing attorney and owner’s title insurance to protect yourself at the very least!



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