The Essential Qualities of Good Product Reviews

What are the essential qualities of a good product review?

We often see people write pre-sell pages and they fiercely sell products before they’ve even built any rapport with the reader. I think the best results will be achieved when you don’t try to sell products you review but, recommend to them.

There are various other essential qualities that makes a review worth reading and spending time on.

1. Should cover pros and Cons – A genuine review should cover the pros and cons. A product rarely goes flawless. A review should cover both the aspects. Describe the product, the good parts and the bad parts. Tell what it’s supposed to accomplish and how well it does that. Spell out your opinion on who should be buying the product and who should not, and why.

2. Should have genuine user experience – If you have purchased it yourself show screenshots, videos etc and make it as comprehensive a review as possible. I don’t follow reviews that are simply a paragraph or two with a link to get the reader to the merchant site. People should be educated about positive and negative side of products equally.

You should build rapport with your readers. State why you are writing the review and what you feel your readers should do. Make your readers feel you care.

Then write review based on what you feel about the product. If you have not tried the product before, you might need do a lot of research before writing a convincing piece.

3. Should be visually appealing – A review should be visually appealing. if you write a review that is just one big blog of text no one will read it. If however, there is a nice graphics, a video of someone showing the product, it has some solid formatting work , the article will entice readers.

4. Honesty – Make your review honest. Recommend the product if you’re going to recommend to your close friends and relatives. Don’t sell your soul for money. If you do not find much good in a product refuse to write a review for it. Deny the monetary bait.

When you switch from providing relevant information to trying to convince someone to buy something, it’s no longer a product review – no matter what you want to call it. You’re no longer a reviewer, you’re a shill.

5. Reply to reader comments – You might need to answer reader queries. You wrote a review because you thought you know the product. You readers feel that way too. That is why they ask question about something un discussed in your review or not covered in entirety. It’s your duty to reply to your reader’s questions.

The comments act as a supplementary information source for future readers. They add value to your review.

6. should have a conclusion – Your readers come to you for your opinion about buying a product. Always end your review with a recommendation to have it or not have it. Don’t lt your readers hanging out. Don’t make them go to other sites for conclusion.

End with a stand either for or against the product you just reviewed!

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